Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hook, Line and Sinker

With impressive oratory skills and strength in performance, INDERPREET KAUR blew away all competition and walked home with the Vice-Chancellor’s Trophy on Friday night. With her powerful and straightforward manner of speech, this Ipoh native dazzled the audience and judges in the first round with her interpretation of the theme. Then, she nailed it in the Impromptu round by convincing an audience alien to her (almost all her batch-mates were at home on break) to vote her for President of the Student Council. Confidence, fluency in speech, flair in performance and what not the X-factor made this girl from the January Foundation in Science intake to win this year’s competition.

The runner-ups were Hemalatha (first from left) in second place and Wilander (first from right) in third. Hemalatha was good in the sense of bridging simple topics together in her speech while Wilander was comic crowd puller. Nevertheless, he made his mark on the competition very unforgettable with swishing movements of his cloak (sorry blazer, was it?), eccentric questioning and sometimes passionate euphemisms. The other participants did display some skill in speaking and passion. However some disappointed the crowd in general by being nervous, soft and the All-Time Competition Crusher: The Going Blank Moment and subsequent … well, let us not go there. Our sympathies go to them as speaking in front of a full-floor can be quite a challenge.


On the whole, the Finals was a great success with everything going clockwork except for a few hitches in the Impromptu Round (no thanks to some very confused people). The VC was pleased with how things were done and the night was graced with intellectual exchange on humanity in the first round and quirky details of the university in the Impromptu Round. Performances were peppered here and there thanks to our friends from the School of Dentistry and also to Syed (check the name) from the School of Pharmacy who sang his solo numbers to perfection!

The emcees: Vinod and Jycinta were as usual witty and doubted and debated each other’s status as humans. Well, aren’t we going to miss them since everything is over? Oh, shucks… now we are going all emotional and nostalgic about ending this season’s competition. Well, there will always be next year but just different people doing it. Hence, it is time ripe to express our thanks to all the people in the machinery behind this competition especially MBBS Batch 13 MATES! The organizing team will no doubt miss those irritating sessions of getting things done every week and going for meetings where we unearth more and more problems while maintaining a cool composure on surface. All in all, in truth it was fun, engaging and memorable. With immense feeling of satisfaction of a job well done, we pass on the torch and wish great success to this competition in the years to come.

~ ravi

Monday, May 19, 2008

It’s Time for the FINAL Showdown

After a month of competition and not to mention those 10 minutes of nerve-wrecking “Judges Deliberation”, the grand finalists have been announced! They are:










I must say the good ones got in and those who either didn’t prepare well or talked irrelevantly by dealing with issues that are not meant to be dealt were unfortunately axed. However, this is just the beginning as the theme for the finals was also announced.

THEME: Who are we and where are we going?

That is what the contestants are going to answer come this Thursday and not mention the elusive Impromptu Round waiting for them that evening. So, prepare, wait and you will get a showdown you will not forget.


Friday, May 16, 2008

The Third Preliminary!

At last...the finals are just around the corner. Well, as for the 3rd preliminary round, the atmosphere at 2 pm today in Lecture Theatre 1 was filled with excitement and chatty voices but was silenced when the team of judges was announced. The panel was headed by Miss Shoba Devarajan and the other judges were Mr. Choo and Ms. Viveca.

Vinod then introduced the first speaker of the day who was Navashini Madhavan with her topic entitled, "Space and Universe in conjunction with Hindu civilization."She managed to lay down the history of astronomy in relation to the Hindu ancient texts.

Leong Chee Mun was next in line with his empowering speech of “The Power of Goals”. His systematic 3 points speech and fine intonation coupled with perfect timing left the crowd ecstatic.

Peals of laughter and murmuring could be heard when Terence Micheal Dass with his topic , “It Is Easier to Get Along With Man Than Woman” had addressed his controversial issue about guys preferring other guys as friends rather than girls. It was obvious that he was a favourite with the crowd as he garnered quite a bit of support.

Yaminie Nair enlightened the crowd with “Friends Should Never Hide Anything from Each Other. Do you Agree” by expressing her wise opinions on friendship with a bit of philosophy from Aristotle. I had to nod in agreement with most of her points about why friends should never hide anything from each other.

Penocia Pawel was the fifth speaker and spoke on juvenile delinquency. The final contestant of the day was Natasha Sathasuram delivering a speech on obesity.

Following that, the judges deliberated on the 10 finalist and in the meantime an appeal was made to raise funds for the Nargis Cyclone victims. The 10 finalists of the AIMST Public Speaking talent Quest was then announced .Kudos to all those who have triumphed and made it to the finals. See you at the finals!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hello there! First of all, I would like to greet you all a very good evening. And secondly, a big thanks to you for following us until this day, to the last preliminary round of AIMST Public Speaking Talent Quest 2008 for The Vice Chancellor's Trophy which happens to fall tomorrow itself: 15 May 2008. So now, I would like to invite all of you, 'Aimsters' and particularly all the contestants for this season to join us in the last of preliminary round tomorrow. This is simply because the most exciting moment has finally arrived, and we are going to reveal the 10 finalists for this season to enter the Grand Finale on the 22 May 2008 for the battle for the VC's Trophy. Hence, please stick with us at this very moment and do come and support your friends! So, see you all tomorrow, 15 May 2008, 2 -5 pm at Lecture Theater 1 of the Medical and Biological Science Complex.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The second preliminary!

Well...well...well...after a fantastic kick off, here we are in the second preliminary round! Everything went on as smooth as silk.The hitches encounted in the first round were mere memories and nothing more than that. Jycinta and Vinod the emcee’s for the day kept the introduction short and sweet.

The show was on and we proceeded to the first speaker, Wilander Law Cheng Guan, a dentistry student. His topic was ‘Communication’. He was communicating well indeed, as the audience seemed mesmerized and actively responded to his questions. His sense of humour was good, too.

Next came Iderpreet Kaur who is a Foundation in Science student. Her topic ‘Embracing the ‘F’ word-shooting the elephant’, was indeed an eye raiser. I would have to admit that she was a great speaker as she was very motivating.

‘Hope’ was the topic for Saravana Kumar Sanderan, a Foundation in Science student. He appeared quite nervous in the beginning but overall he was inspiring.

The fourth speaker was Ooi Cheng Lee a Foundation in Science student with his topic ‘Proton-National pride or national disgrace?’ He put the facts on the table and asked the audience to decide one way or the other. Im sure you are wondering what the audience decided? Well what’s your decision?

Next came a Pharmacy student, Ann Lisa Arulappen who wanted to show her prowess in oratory with her topic, ‘Ragging’. She seemed to have hit the right vein as the audience were extremely excited with her topic and her views. Afterall, most students love to hate ragging.

Another Pharmacy student was the next speaker to take the floor. Joanna Selvi Reneera spoke on ‘Pharmacy-the whole truth’. She was confident even though she had stirred the ‘hornets nest’ as her topic is indeed a very divisive current raging debate between pharmacists and doctors. She seemed pro pharmacists in her speech. However, she contradicted herself on a number of occasions.
The last speaker of the day was Tan Chze Chze a dentistry student, with her topic ‘ Should or should not doctors prescibe contraceptives to girls under 16? Although she failed to shock the audience with her topic, she succeded in doing so with her informal attire. We felt relieved after learning that she had medical reasons for doing so. She seemed nervous at first but managed to end her speech well.

Finally, what can I say about the emcee’s for the day? Simply superb as usual. So...what’s next? Wait for the third preliminary round, this coming Thursday! I assure you, you will be pleasantly suprised...Till then..


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finally, it is officially LAUNCHED!!!

The audience were seated impatiently waiting for the launching to start. The participants were ready, too. However, the mic remained silent. The projector too, portrayed its unity by refusing to function. But batch 13 students, were not to be put off by such minor hiccups. We were made of stronger mettle. So, off we went to another venue. However, although the projector complied now, the mic refused to budge. But the emcee’s, Vinod and Jycinta, overcame the hitch by screaming their hearts out. Mr. Ranjit, the Student Liaison Division Officer was impressed enough to appeal for more students to participate in the 2nd and 3rd preliminary rounds.

The arrival of the Vice Chancellor accompanied by Mr. Ranjit

The Vice Chancellor gave a short and simple speech before launching the programme. He mentioned that some consider such activities as a waste of time expecially during class hours. He is convienced that such activities are an intergral part of university life. They would assist in producing well-rounded students. He gave an example of people in Sweden who decided to study English seriously in the 1950’s. This effort has projected Sweden into the international limelight. He feels, Malaysians need that head start, too. He also felt that more student should participate in such a gainful activity. The VC then launched the event. Kudos to the impressive graphics experts in Batch 13, who came up with a fantastic launching presentation.

The Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ranjit

Well, by then the IT department representatives, managed to get another mic (one that finally functioned). The 1st preliminary round kicked off to a great start with participants competing to impress the judges with high levels of oratory skills.

The first speaker, Christine Savariamal, a Biotech student, set the competition on fire. She spoke about the ‘Law of attraction’ and she definitely attracted the audience and judges. Although she trespassed the time limit a little, I have to admit that she was a great speaker.

On came the next speaker, Faisal Norizan a January intake Foundation in Science student, who spoke on ‘Sharks’. He did not really start off well as he appeared to be very nervous but he managed to pull together and ended well. Although, it was not a very interesting topic, he seemed to know his topic well.

Hemalatha from Foundation in Science July intake , came next with the topic ‘Be yourself’. She was very straight forward and convincing. She was a passionate speaker indeed. She was herself alright.

We were then entertained by the fourth speaker, Lim Wei Keat a July batch Foundation in Science student, who decided to take the ‘bull by its horns’ (I mean the mic). He started of saying, “Good morning...” (just for the info, it was exactly 2.45pm). Well it was a slip of the tongue i guess. His title was ‘A journey to purpose’. He sincerely requested everyone present to find their true purpose in life on that very day. A very motivating speech indeed.

Next came Adrina Stella Anne from Biotech Batch 12 with her topic ‘What do you know about adrenaline?’. Overall she was good except for her accent which we had difficulty in understanding. But I must say she was good and she was very confident with herself.

Shaarala Jenarthanan, a Information Systems student, was the last speaker for the day. Her very interesting topic was ‘Superstition’. She was down to earth and daring as she dwelled on sensitive issues such as religion. It was a good speech with just a few minor grammatical errors.

Our emcee’s for the day, were a threat to the competitiors. They did an excellent job as they were very spontaneous and entertained the audience which cheeky jokes during the whole event. They deserve bouquets.

So that was the end of the 1st preliminary round, which surpassed our expectations. We, batch 13 students, hope that more students would register for the next preliminary rounds to make this event more exciting. Looking forward to the next preliminary round!


Monday, April 21, 2008

check this out!

To all contestants,

All right, this is an announcement regarding the postponement of the workshop with the Toastmasters from 21 April 2008 to 23 April 2008, 5.00p.m. at Lecture Theater 1 of the Medical and Biological Sciences Complex.

Please do take note on it and try your very best to be punctual. Sorry for this inconvenience and sudden rearrangement. And we hope that you can take this consideration favorably.

Many thanks and regards.

signing out~ organizer

Monday, March 24, 2008

Topics … You Choose? or We Choose? … Which one? OMG!


All right, we have been asked by some of you on the choice of topics. Without letting much go, for the prelims the choice of topics is yours alone and you have a free reign within defined limits. That means anything under the sun (or even above it) which is NOT seditious, sensitive and all by means ruins the peace around all of us. If you aren’t that sure whether the topic you have in mind falls in the NO-NO list, just contact us through the blog or see us for yourself (nearly all of us hang about the campus every working day: the library, the cafĂ©, the minimart or the bookstore). Seriously, come and see us! You don’t want to prepare a page long script which probably took days to chuck it in the bin at the end …

On the other hand, the final round of competition is a totally different ball game. Firstly, to get there, you must have a certain level of prowess and once you are there, we are going to tighten the situation a little bit and see how you are going to perform under diverse situations. Needless to say, the topics are going to be chosen for you in the finals by the organizers. No worries, you at least get to know one of it a WEEK beforehand and the topics are fun to delve on. So, no sweat and don’t worry yourself about that now: it is still sometime away. Any questions, confusions or general muddles, feel free to leave comments or shout at the Chat Box!

Signing out,

P/S Please leave your name or even a nickname when commenting … we like to know the name behind the words so that we don’t resort to calling you “Anonymous of 1.11 a.m.”. I trust you have a much better name than that and we would love to know that we have real support from real people.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008



For further details, please contact :

Kisheaan Devarajan - 012-5327272
Nelson Choo Jian Chi - 016-4861430
Monisha Menon - 016-6176873

**note: If you have any enquiries, you are most welcomed to leave your message(s) in the chat box or as comment.Thank you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hey there AIMSTers!


While catching up with classes, labs, meals and building your social network (Aha!), we are sure (at least 99.9%) that you have got something to say to the world. So, the point is BE HEARD! Now, the big question is how? You can't possibly take a megaphone and scream out loud in the cafe at lunch?! We can also hear some of you moping, “Who cares about what I think or have to say?"

The point is WE CARE. Without ruining anyone’s lunch to say the least, YOU can now give your take on the world or anything beyond it to an audience who actually cares to listen. How?


Essentially it’s a public speaking tournament and the glitz to the name is obviously due to the cool and very expensive trophy … SERIOUSLY, ask Mr Ranjit from Student Liaison Unit (the TROPHY is also there!).

So, since you know what the general idea is about and know that we are not wasting web-space… it is time you know who we are. Well, we are from MBBS Batch 13 who is organizing this (soon-to-be) Mega Event which if you have been here for sometime, has taken place twice already. We however plan to take this event into a new dimension.

That is where this blog fits in; an interactive domain for the organizers, participants and basically everyone who has an access to the internet to share and communicate. More details of the competition are on the pipeline as the committee is finalizing everything from the very tiny little things to the really big stuff like sponsorship and prizes! There will be a post on the committee members’ and their various antics, so don't worry; you won't miss out on anything we do!

So back to the blog … again, we wish to emphasize the interactive quality of the whole thing (let us not waste web space), so we expect all of you to share, ask, comment (look below!) and basically just tell us what you want to tell us; good or bad (just be careful with your lingo though). Yes, just tell us! Anything!

For now, that is about it. Do keep coming back to the blog. Pictures, registration forms and goodness-knows what else we can cook up will be waiting for you. Till then, have a nice day, keep pondering, thinking but don’t forget to live (huh?)!

Signing out for Batch 13,